Tips For Managing Life With Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a serious problem that involves some loss of bladder control. The degree and severity of loss can vary from one person to the next. Furthermore, this issue can have a variety of causes. These might include being overweight, the use of specific medications, damage to the nerves, and more. In many cases, urinary incontinence can be treated. The type of treatment is dependent on the cause of the condition, its severity, and various other factors. [Read More]

Putting The Patient First: Why An Accredited Surgical Site Is The Way To Go

You've booked an appointment for your elective surgery and feel ready to undergo the procedure. Have you first ensured that your surgical center is accredited? Unlike unaccredited sites, these locations offer guaranteed protocols and standards that put the patient first. Read on for three reasons why choosing an accredited surgery center is the best choice to make when it comes to your well-being and safety as a patient.  A Clean Environment [Read More]

How Physical Therapy Can Help After A Car Accident

In the immediate moments, as well as the next couple of days, following a car accident, you're going to go through a lot of different thought processes. It's important that you seek an initial medical evaluation at the scene, even if you don't believe that you're hurt. Sometimes the adrenaline of the accident can mask pain from injuries, so it's important that you are assessed by medical professionals. Then, you may want to consider auto injury therapy even if you didn't suffer a serious injury. [Read More]

Learn More About Parkinson's Treatment Options

If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, you may know that there are challenges ahead of you. While the medical field has made many advancements, there is still a lot to learn about treating this condition. The good news is that there may be a treatment option that helps you manage your symptoms and prevent the progression of the disease. These are some options that may be available to you. [Read More]