Weight Loss For Seniors Opens The Door To A Healthier Life

Maintaining a healthy weight is helpful for people of all ages, but for seniors, a healthy weight puts you one step closer to a healthy life. Weight loss is not just beneficial at any age, but it is also possible. If you have been putting the idea of focusing on weight loss in your older years aside—stop. Learn how weight loss can help you in this stage of life. 

Core Organ Health

Two of the body's core organs include the brain and the heart.  A failure in either of these systems can cause severe issues. Weight loss keeps these organs healthier. Increased weight can lead to elevated blood pressure and the onset of type 2 diabetes, which both increase the risk of artery blockages. 

A blockage limits blood flow, which for the brain, also limits its ability to function efficiently. In terms of heart health, much of the same is true. However, when you maintain a healthy weight, you can also minimize cholesterol in the blood. High levels of blood cholesterol put extra pressure on the heart and increase the threat of a heart attack.  

Discomfort and Mobility

The joints in your body are designed to support your weight so that you can move your body with ease, but they are not designed to support an unlimited amount of weight. Excess body weight puts extra pressure on your joints and causes them to wear down more rapidly. 

If you couple this factor with the natural decline that joints experience with age, the resulting scenario is one in which it is uncomfortable and difficult to move at times. Weight loss lightens the load on your joints so that you can avoid discomfort and move around with greater ease. 

Mental Health

The better you can get around, the better you feel all around, including your mental health. Mental health is sometimes overlooked, but as you age it is incredibly important as some people tend to spend more time alone during this phase of life due to retirement or other life changes. 

The better your body feels, the more you can get out to spend time with your grandchildren, catch up with old friends, or even volunteer. Losing weight as a senior keeps your body and your mind active.

Remember that weight loss is about wellness. Set a goal to improve your health through diet and exercise and you will be one step closer to achieving these goals. For more information, contact a senior wellness professional in your area.