Common Issues That Signal Dated Medical Billing Processes

Advancements and updates in your urology clinic should not be limited to patient care. It is equally important that you make updates to your billing practices and processes at the same rate. A failure to upgrade these processes can lead to a range of financial scenarios that all target one thing — the bottom line. Learn about some of the troublesome, dated practices your clinic should aim to avoid.

Single-Level Contact

When new patients arrive at the clinic, they are typically instructed to complete a contact form that may ask for their phone number, mailing address, and even their cell phone and email address. Any clinic that solely relies on mail for their past due bills is relying on a dated practice. 

Clients should also utilize text services to send payment reminders to their patients and emails that include attached billing documents. The more levels of contact, the more likely it is for the patient to remember about their past due account and to understand that your office will continue to make contact until their account is settled. 

Recurrent Data Loss

Particularly when it comes to billing software, dated systems often leave much to be desired in the area of storage. A system that does not have, or has limited, cloud storage can lead to recurrent data loss, which can have significant consequences. To upgrade your billing practices, it is critical you have a solid virtual storage system in place. 

You can avoid this and many other worries by working with a third-party billing service that will store your data and handle your billing needs for you in the most targeted and advanced manner.

Manual Records Transmission

Urology is a specialty that transcends all genders and age groups, so your clinic is probably very busy. More precisely, it is far too busy to have to rely on the manual transmission of billing data to the insurance company. Insurance companies often stay up to date with technology advancements. 

Consequently, if a clinic has dated software on its end, it may not be compatible with the tech requirements of the insurance company's uploading system. Manual transmission means an increased risk for inaccurate information, but the increased time it takes to complete the tasks can also mean fewer claims are filed on time. 

Remember, billing services is not a task you have to handle in-house on your own. Contact a urology billing service to learn more about the different options available to get the specific help your clinic desires.