Pointers For Using Your Medical Marijuana Card For The First Time

Getting your medical marijuana card is a wonderful experience. But do you know what's even more wonderful? Using your medical marijuana card for the first time! Here are a few pointers to make using your medical marijuana card for the first time an even better, more enjoyable milestone.

Research various dispensaries in your area.

Even if your doctor recommended visiting a certain dispensary when they issued your prescription, your medical card gives you permission to shop at any medical dispensary in your state. So, it is worth your time to research the different dispensaries in your area and choose the one you're most excited to visit. Look for a place that not only offers products you'd like to try, but one that has a "vibe" or atmosphere that feels in-line with your preferences. These days, dispensaries share a lot online, so you should have plenty of information to help guide your decision.

Buy a few different products.

There are so many different cannabis products to try these days, and it's really hard to know which ones will work best for you until you try them. So, don't just buy a bulk quantity of one item during your first dispensary visit. Instead, buy smaller amounts of a few different things. For instance, you could buy one vape pen, a few edibles, a gram or two of flower, and some THC lotion. Take the products home, try them, and you'll have a better idea of what you want to buy more of next time around.

Take your time.

Don't use your card for the first time when you're in a rush or on a tight schedule. Instead, plan on visiting the dispensary when you have time to spare. This way, you can take your time browsing the various options without feeling pressure to make a choice too soon. If there's a wait to get in, you won't feel panicky. Plus, you can chat with the budtenders and ask questions, which is a great way to get insight and recommendations when you are new to using medical marijuana. You may even want to call ahead and ask the dispensary what their least busy hours are so you can plan on visiting during those hours.

Using your medical marijuana card for the same time should be an enjoyable, meaningful experience. Tackle this task when you have time, and remember to try plenty of different products.

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