3 Tips To Find The Perfect Hearing Aids

Hearing aids help to amplify sounds so that the wearer can hear sounds that were too faint for them before. Depending on your needs and preferences, picking the right hearing aid can be a process. Here are some simple tips you can use to find the right hearing aid for you.

1. Decide if You Would Like Discreet Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Similar to how degrees of magnification found in eyeglasses determines how thick they are, the size of hearing aids correlates with their ability to amplify the sounds around you. Because of this, if you have more severe hearing loss, it may be difficult to find a smaller hearing aid.

The smallest hearing aid you can try is one that is found entirely in the ear canal, making it virtually invisible to others, though it may not pick up on faint sounds. 

If cosmetics are not important to you, you might select a more traditional hearing aid, such as one that fits around the ear.

2. Look Into Real Ear Measurements

Real ear measurements ensure that you are receiving the right level of amplification. By placing a microphone with the hearing aid, a doctor can determine that you are able to hear sounds that are on different frequencies by analyzing what the microphone is picking up from within the ear.

This level of precision can ensure that you don't experience hearing discrepancies such as not hearing a dog barking clearly even though you are able to hear a car pass by without a problem.

3. Think About Special Features

Hearing aids can come with a lot of extra features, like having the ability to be upgraded instead of fully replaced, saving you money in the future. You can also synchronize two hearing aids so that both are functioning at a similar volume. 

You can even select modified hearing aids that can act as headphones, allowing you to plug them directly into a laptop, phone, or TV. Some function wirelessly so that you can control settings directly from your phone.

No matter which type of hearing aids you choose, be sure to request a trial period so that you can send them back for adjustments. See if they provide a warranty in the event that they are damaged or misplaced, and schedule a follow-up visit to make sure they are working properly.

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