What Problems Can A Cold Laser Device For Pets Address?

Cold lasers have become more and more common in medicine, and also in veterinary medicine, over the past few years. More recently, people are beginning to buy these cold lasers for use in their own homes on their own pets. Since the lasers are really safe and don't cause any known side effects, this can be a really good choice. But what kinds of problems can you use the lasers to treat and manage? Take a look.

Arthritis Pain

Older pets, in particular, tend to develop arthritis pain. This pain is caused by general wear and tear on the joints that wears down the joint cartilage over the years. With the cartilage gone, the joints become inflamed, and that inflammation, in turn, leads to pain. Cold laser therapy can do a great job of managing that pain. The laser's wavelength is such that it changes the behavior of the affected tissues, allowing fluid to go back into the bloodstream. This reduces inflammation in the arthritic joint, which thereby reduces pain. You can use a cold laser device on your pet's arthritic joints every day, or even several times per day. Over time, this may allow your pet to be more active, and it may also reduce their need for expensive pain relievers and supplements.

Old Injuries

Did your pet tear their ACL and have it surgically repaired a few years ago? Maybe they herniated a disc in their spine as a youngster, and it causes them pain from time to time. Cold laser therapy can be really helpful for easing pain and inflammation caused by old injuries. People with athletic dogs who they train for running, disc sports, or agility find the therapy particularly useful for this purpose. The laser can even be used when the injury is still healing in order to speed up the healing process and ensure a faster recovery.

Stress Management

People are not the only ones who feel stress! Pets may also experience stress, particularly when they are moved into a new home, their owners bring home a new baby, or there are other big changes in their home and family dynamics. A cold laser can help ease feelings of stress by relaxing the muscles and stimulating the release of relaxing, calming neurotransmitters. There are various acupressure points where you can focus the laser for this purpose. Behind the elbow and along the back of the neck are two of them.

Cold laser therapy can be an excellent option for pets with all sorts of different problems. Talk to your vet to learn more about using a handheld cold laser device for pets.