What You Should Know About Gallbladder Issues

If you are like most people, your gallbladder is not likely something that is on your mind much of the time. Most people don't give their gallbladder any thought and some might not even know that they have one. However, when you have gallbladder problems or issues, you become keenly aware of that area of your body. Get to know some of the facts you should be aware of about gallbladder issues. Then, you can be sure you are prepared if you even have a problem with your gallbladder in the future. 

Gallstones Are Not the Only Issue You Might Have

Many people have heard of gallstones and assume that this is the only issue you might have with your gallbladder. Gallstones are a more common complaint when it comes to the gallbladder. They are crystallized "stones" (hard deposits) in the gallbladder. These gallstones can cause severe pain as well as inflammation. 

However, you can also have a gallbladder infection unrelated to gallstones. You might also have polyps (small growths) on the gallbladder that can cause issues. Any of these issues can cause pain, ranging from mild to severe. An infection can also cause inflammation and can spread from the gallbladder making it particularly problematic. 

Most Gallbladder Issues Require Surgery

When it comes to managing your gallbladder issues, surgery is often the most likely solution. Removing the gallbladder is a common procedure and can vastly improve your quality of life if you are having problems with it. 

If you have gallstones, for example, it is much easier to remove the entire gallbladder than to try to remove the individual gallstones, especially because gallstones can be a recurring problem. Similarly, with a polyp, removing the whole gallbladder is generally the solution to the problem. 

Surgery is performed by a general surgeon and involves small incisions in the abdomen. The procedure is usually done laparoscopically which means the doctor uses very small incisions and may insert a small camera into the abdomen to guide the surgery. 

Today, it is uncommon for a more invasive gallbladder surgery to require a larger incision. However, this can happen if the gallbladder is particularly large from many gallstones or severely inflamed. 

Your general surgeon can complete the removal quickly and recovery time is generally short for a laparoscopic procedure.

Now that you know a bit more about gallbladder issues, you can be sure you are prepared if your gallbladder ever gives you trouble in the future. Contact a general surgeon for more information.