The Advantages of Offering a Walk-In X-Ray Scanner for Patients

Many primary care and specialty physicians' offices offer a limited number of appointments each day. When those appointments get filled, patients have to wait several more days or even weeks to get on the schedule. However, when patients need to have x-rays taken, they may not have that amount of time available to them. 

To serve patients who need tests done on a quicker basis, you can make available a walk-in x-ray scanner services. These benefits come from offering a walk-in x-ray machine for patients needing scans done quickly. 

Same Day Scans

When your clinic offers a walk-in x-ray machine to patients, you make it possible for them to get same-day scans of their entire body. This can help you and them identify the problem areas.

Offering a walk-in x-ray scanner for patients can also allow you to examine patients who are in the worst pain or have the worst symptoms. If, for example, a patient displays symptoms of having a fractured bone, you can take this patient back first for an x-ray. The person does not have to wait for hours in pain until he or she can have the x-ray done and they will have an answer about which on is broken much, much sooner. A walk-in x-ray also gives a full picture of the body to see how the broken parts are influencing each other. 

Bypassing the Emergency Room

Another advantage that patients can benefit from involves bypassing the emergency room. The emergency room can have a waiting list that spans hours. People who have pain from kidney stones or a dislocated bone may not want to wait for hours to be seen in the ER.

Instead, they can go to your clinic and make use of the walk-in x-ray machine. They can find out in a matter of minutes what is wrong with them and then seek out the necessary treatment to feel better.

When it comes to getting x-rays, patients may not have a lot of time to wait. They may need to get these scans done in hours rather than days or weeks. When your clinic makes available a walk-in x-ray scanner, you can provide patients with scans quickly. They avoid having to wait for an appointment at their doctors' offices and also bypass going to the ER.

If you'd like to order a walk-in x-ray scanner for your medical clinic, contact the suppliers at Hudson Valley Imaging.