Are You A Candidate For Endovascular Surgery?

Endovascular surgery is an effective surgical option for people who suffer from artery weakness, aneurysms, and several other conditions that target the arteries. However, a diagnosis of one of these medical concerns does not necessarily qualify an individual for this procedure. There are several factors each person should consider to determine if this option is the right course of action for their health.

Overall Health

The ideal candidate for this procedure is someone who is overall in good health. Individuals with serious health concerns might face too many risks during the procedure and recovery, even though it is a minimally-invasive operation.

An endovascular surgery patient can face challenges if a new aneurysm forms anywhere near the area of the original repair. Consequently, a person that has a history of aneurysms might discover that another treatment option is best. However, rest assured that your physician will examine your health to determine if you are fit.

Minimally-Invasive Process

If you prefer a minimally-invasive operation, then this procedure might be a good match for you. In years past, endovascular repairs were performed via a large incision that the surgeon used to repair the artery. However, with modern medicine, surgeons only need to make a small incision to access the site. This is possible thanks to advanced x-ray assistance, which allows for less scarring and faster recovery. As a result, you can have your condition treated and get back on with your life in a shorter amount of time.

Available Downtime

While this operation is performed in a much less invasive way than it was in the past, it's not to say that you don't need to take things slow after the procedure. In fact, as part of the repair process, a stent and graft are inserted over the artery to repair the damage. If the stent moves at all or the graft does not seal correctly, blood will continue to pump into the aneurysm in the artery, which can prove to be fatal.

While it's common for a patient to return to work shortly after the procedure is performed, they should not immediately return to rigorous activity, such as exercise or heavy lifting. Any person that cannot accommodate this temporary lifestyle change might not be the best candidate for the procedure.

Speak with your physician to determine if you are a candidate for endovascular surgery. Your physician will be able to take into account the severity of your condition, your overall health, and many additional factors to ensure you make the appropriate determination. Contact a company that offers vascular surgery near you in order to learn more.