Fighting Aging AND A Lagging Libido? Treatments That Help

Aging is a cruel thing. Just when the kids are grown and have left home, and you are ready to return to a freer way of living, your body robs you of everything you had hoped you would be doing. For most men, that means looking good and having lots of sex that is not interrupted by the shout or scream of a child in the background. Unfortunately, what aging does to your body pretty much leaves you feeling unattractive, undesirable, and uninterested in sex. Ouch. 

However, there are plenty of products and treatments that can help with ​both ​aging and a lagging libido. Some of the treatments are completely natural, including anti-aging testosterone treatment services, but these will require some commitment on your part. If you are ready to get back all of those years you spent raising children and really begin enjoying everything that life has to offer, try one or more of the following:


​No joke -- exercise arrests the aging process. In some cases, when a regular exercise program is started earlier in life and is continuous, people notice that the aging process almost begins reversing itself. In addition to the anti-aging benefit of exercise, exercise seriously increases your libido. The more heart-pounding, muscle-building exercise you do, the higher your testosterone levels go, and the more interested in sex you become. 

Hormone Replacement Services

​Your doctor can prescribe oral tablets of naturally-derived testosterone and testosterone boosters. When the male body hits midlife, testosterone production begins sliding downward. Estrogen, which is naturally found in the male body in small quantities, begins to rise as the testosterone lowers, which is why most men feel this slump in libido. (Estrogen is the same hormone given to sex offenders to chemically castrate them, and it works. Ergo, you should not be so surprised that this is happening to you naturally.) When your doctor elevates your testosterone levels, the estrogen begins to decline again, causing your interest in sex to return. Testosterone also keeps all of your young, healthy-looking muscle tissue tightly toned so that you look less like your grandpa and more like your twenty-something son. 

Plastic Surgery

​Plastic surgery restores a youthful appearance. It is also a known fact that when people look and feel young, they feel more confident and sure of themselves. Subsequently, they also feel sexier, and more interested in pursuing sexual relationships. Something so simple as a facelift can make you feel young and manly again.