How To Prevent And Plan Pregnancy: 3 Types Of Birth Control To Consider

Birth control is something that people didn't talk about; especially at the dinner table. However, times have changed, and birth control is now something that many families talk about. If you are sexually active but aren't sure where to start when it comes to birth control, this article will discuss three of the most common types and what you should know. 

1. IUD 

An Intrauterine Device or an IUD is another popular form of birth control. So, how do they work exactly? These devices are usually either plastic or copper devices that are placed into the uterus and prevent the ways in which the sperm work to get to the egg. In other words, if the sperm can't get to the egg, then you can't get pregnant. Talk with your gynecologist about the different types of IUD's and whether or not you are a good candidate. 

2. The Pill

Birth control pills have beenone of the most popular forms of contraception for decades. By using a combination of different hormones, birth controls are a great way to help stop unplanned pregnancies. Birth control pills work to suppress your ovulation so that you don't release an egg. When your body doesn't ovulate, then pregnancy just can't happen. 

3. Condoms

If you aren't too excited about changing your hormone levels or having a contraption placed in your uterus, then you may want to consider having your partner take control over your birth control by using condoms. A lot of people complain about condoms because they say that it decreases the sensation that they feel both in the penis and vagina. However, condoms have come a long way and now come in extra thin and even ribbed, which help with sensitivity. Try getting small boxes of condoms at first to try them out until you find one that works for both you and your partner.

Being on the same page with your partner about your birth control is a great way to make sure that you prevent pregnancy. Remember that a lot of people go through a variety of different types of birth control until they ultimately land on one that's good for both them and their partner. If you aren't sure where to start, make sure to schedule an appointment with your gynecologist and go over all of your options. Some options listed here may not be good for you and your health, but your doctor will help you identify that.