What You Need To Know About Obstetric Ultrasounds

If you are expecting a child, congratulations are definitely in order! You have a lot to plan for and to celebrate in the coming months, as well as lots of excitement in store! And, of course, one of the most exciting parts of your pregnancy will likely be going in for your first ultrasound. Through this procedure, you will be able to catch your first glimpse of your little one. If you've never had an ultrasound, though, it's normal to have fears, concerns, and reservations. Here are some of the basic things you'll probably want to know about the ultrasound process before you book your first appointment, and hopefully, your mind will be put to rest so you can relax when the time comes and simply enjoy seeing your baby for the first time!

Always Choose a Skilled Sonographer

When you book your ultrasound appointment, take steps to ensure that the actual ultrasound will be performed by a skilled, experienced, and properly trained sonographer, At some practices, nurses who are not fully trained in sonography will perform the ultrasound, but this really isn't what you want.

In order to have the safest, most comfortable experience and to guarantee the best-possible in-womb pictures, it's always smart to have a trained sonographer perform the ultrasound. Don't be afraid to demand that only a true sonographer perform your ultrasound. Most practices will have at least one on staff and will be happy to accommodate you.

Make the "Gender Decision" Ahead of Time

Another important thing to consider when booking your sonogram/ultrasound appointment is whether or not you want to be alerted to the baby's gender. Typically, the gender can be determined at around the four-month mark, so if you are having your appointment at or past this point, you will definitely want to have come to a decision about whether or not you want to know the gender. That way, you can let your technician know your decision before the appointment begins.

Keep in mind as well that, in some cases, it is very easy for even an untrained eye to distinguish the gender. So, if you really want to be surprised, you may want to ask your technician to have you look away anytime he or she goes near the on-screen areas where the sex organs can be seen.

Obviously, an ultrasound is a big and wonderful event! Do the proper planning for it and follow these tips, and your ultrasound should be an enjoyable memory, instead of a stressful event! For more information on ultrasounds, contact a company like EVDI Medical Imaging.