Mother Of Preemies – What You Need To Do To Help Your Child Catch Up

If you are the mother of a premature baby, then you have concern about your child being born early. A baby who is born early is not always a bad thing. He or she will just have a low birth weight. However, it is a disadvantage for some babies because their organs have not fully developed. Here is what you need to do to help your child catch up to normal development.

Reduce Background Noise

Premature babies spend majority of their time in the neonatal unit after birth. In this unit, there is a lot of background noise. Hospital staff try their best to create a peaceful background, but it is hard to keep monitors from going off.

If your baby gets over-stimulated, then he or she will get agitated. A preemie has trouble organizing sensations in his or her body. It helps to decrease background noise to stop your baby from becoming too sensitive.

Structure Activities

You want to keep activity with your baby structured. It is important to focus on one activity at a time. If you going to play with a rattle with your baby, then you should not cut off the TV. It is important to not get your baby over excited. You want him or her to focus on one thing at a time.

Share Intimacy With Your Baby

A mother should interact closely with a preemie. When you talk to your baby, you should give him or her eye contact. It also helps to hold your child gently. You want to nurture your child and make him or her feel comfortable.

Give Your Baby Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo care allows a mother have skin to skin contact with her child. This method involves your baby being naked except for a diaper and a cloth covering the back. The baby should be in an upright position while holding him or her against your bare chest. This method of snuggling is similar to a kangaroo pouch.

Kangaroo care is very beneficial to a preemie baby. It helps stabilize breathing, improves sleeping time, stops crying, helps with breastfeeding, increases weight and improves oxygen levels.

Mothers who are interacting with their preemies while they are awake and allowing the babies to get plenty of sleep. You are doing everything you can as a mother. Your baby needs time to catch up to normal development. A pediatrician like Better Foot Care LLC can help you with monitoring your child's progress.