4 Tips for Beating Substance Abuse

If you are currently dealing with a substance-abuse problem, and you want to treat it, you should know how to do so successfully. When you are unable to stay on a focused track, it makes beating substance abuse almost impossible, and that is why many people relapse. Here are four tips to help you beat substance abuse as you go through substance-abuse treatment.

  1. Sign Up for More Than Substance-Abuse Treatment: If you have other problems, such as dealing with depression, marriage problems, or even financial problems, it's important to address these issues as well. Without treating these problems on top of your substance abuse, they can easily make you relapse because of the stress they put on you. Be sure to sign up for marriage counseling or financial planning. Any kind of treatment therapy that is going to help you in other areas of your life is sure to help you stay on track with your substance-abuse treatment. 
  2. Keep a Journal: It's been found that keeping a journal during your time of treatment is extremely helpful. This gives you a way to write out how you are feeling, which is good for reducing stress. It can also help you reflect on how much you are changing in a positive way. Be sure to record how you are feeling without the substance that you have been abusing, your feelings for the day, and more. 
  3. Keep Track of Your Transition Period: The transition period is important because this is typically when the effects of not using your substance any longer start to wear off. The headaches, joint pain, and more will most likely subside during this period, which is typically about 90 days long. Use a calendar to motivate yourself to reach this transition period.
  4. Recognize and Control Cravings: There are going to be times when you have cravings for the substance you have been abusing. It's important to recognize these cravings and develop special activities that help you avoid thinking about it. Meeting with a substance-abuse counselor can help you determine what kind of activities are most effective depending on your personality and the substance that you have been abusing. For example, what works for alcoholics won't be the same as what works for heroin addicts. 

When you utilize these four tips for beating substance abuse, you can be sure that you are closer to being on your way to treatment. Be sure to utilize the right counseling services to help you get there even faster and more successfully.