5 Reasons Women May Need A Urologist

Because of the emphasis on prostate problems in men and possibly the stigma about urinary care, urologists have been seen by many as a doctor only men need to see. However, urologists can and do help women with all kinds of problem. Here are 5 common reasons for a woman to see a urologist. 


A urinary tract infection can be very painful and can cause problems with passing urine and even with sex. Any doctor can diagnose a UTI and prescribe antibiotics and pain medication, but women who suffer from severe or persistent urinary tract issues may wish to seek out a specialist. A urologist can tell women how to best avoid UTIs in the future, how to spot the problem in the earliest stages, and what to do when they happen. 

Urinary Stones

Kidney stones occur when urine hardens inside the kidneys. Other types of urinary stones can develop in the bladder or in the tubes that carry urine inside the body. A kidney stone can be extremely painful and may require surgical intervention if it doesn't pass on its own. 

Women with painful urinary stones or those who seem to keep getting stones over and over again should consult a urologist. There may be an internal problem that can be treated with a surgical procedure or medication. 

Leaking Bladder

The muscles keeping urine in a woman's bladder can weaken over time, especially after pregnancy and childbirth. Some women lose urine when they cough or laugh, while others may be dealing with sudden urges to urinate in inconvenient places. 

Incontinence is an annoying and potentially embarrassing problem. A urologist can prescribe certain medications and offer suggestion about making those muscles stronger. 

Painful Sex

Don't just assume that pain during sex is natural. There could be a number of reasons sex is painful, and it makes sense to see a urologist for testing. The doctor can tell you if something is happening in your body that is creating the pain and can prescribe medication to control it and can offer other treatments designed to help solve the problem. 

Trouble Peeing

Some women find that they cannot fully empty their bladders or that urinating causes painful burning. A urologist can perform tests to determine why this is happening and how to fix it so a woman can comfortable use the bathroom again. 

Urologists are just as helpful to women as they are to men. No woman should have to suffer with pain, pressure or loss of control. For more information and assistance, contact a urology clinic near you, such as Advanced Urology Associates.