Compounding Oxytocin Injections During The Ongoing Drug Shortage

Oxytocin is an essential hormone responsible for human bonding and many other psychological processes, and it is also particularly valued as an injection for triggering labor in maternity wards. Unfortunately, over the past few years, several oxtyocin manufacturers halted their production of these injections. This ongoing development issue is leading to shortages across the nation, leaving many medical professionals without the resources they need to adequately care for their patients. Thankfully, your medical facility should still be able to source the oxytocin it needs with the help of a sterile compounding pharmacy, such as Premier Pharmacy Labs

Understanding the Cause of the Shortage

Drug shortages have been common for many years now, with various medicines fluctuating from abundant to scarce and then back again. Some of these interruptions are brief, but many can last for years at a time. In the case of oxytocin, the problem was caused by multiple manufacturers shutting down within a short time, combined with an increase in demand. The few manufacturers still producing oxytocin injections simply can't keep up with its consumption, and as stored products expire or are used up, the price of oxytocin will only increase further. 

Recognizing the Value of Oxytocin in Medicine

In other cases of drug shortages, it is often possible to find a substitute for the missing drug, such as switching painkillers or antibiotics with a suitable alternative. Oxytocin, however, is somewhat unique in its critical role within the body, both triggering feelings of acceptance and empathy as well as causing the powerful uterine contractions needed to induce labor. For a young woman experiencing a complicated birth, oxytocin may be essential to save both her and the baby's life. Because of this, it is essential for medical facilities associated with childbirth to continue receiving an adequate supply of this drug, even when manufacturers cannot meet demand. 

Seeking Oxytocin From a Sterile Compounding Pharmacy

In these cases, the best choice is typically to seek the services of a sterile compounding pharmacy, which can professionally mix customized batches of various drugs as you need them. This allows you to secure the drugs you need without worrying about in-sourcing a sterile compound pharmacy of your own, and more individualized customer service can prove invaluable when you need a new shipment of oxytocin quickly. If you have been juggling your diminishing stores of oxytocin injections for too long, contact your local sterile compounding pharmacy to learn about your options and begin developing a real solution to what seems to be becoming a permanent problem.