These Clues Could Suggest That You Have A Fissure

The health of your anus might be something that you rarely think about, but it's important to be alert for any clues that could suggest something is wrong. Even if you feel slightly shy about admitting that you have a problem "down there," it's a good idea to visit your family doctor as soon as you experience an irregularity. An anal fissure -- a small tear around your anus -- is a health situation that many people experience due to constipation and other related issues. Your health practitioner can inspect the area and suggest dietary changes to help you through this painful condition. Here are some clues that you could have a fissure.

Blood After A Bowel Movement

You could be in for a shock if you notice the presence of blood on the toilet paper or in the toilet after you've had a bowel movement — especially if the bowel movement was difficult and involved a considerable amount of straining. Unlike dark blood that can indicate a variety of serious health issues, such as internal bleeding, the blood that you'll often notice when you have an anal fissure will be a vivid red, much like you might see when you cut your finger with a knife.

Soreness During Or After You Go To The Bathroom

While a constipated bowel movement can be a little uncomfortable, the discomfort often disappears soon after you're done. If you have an anal fissure, however, you can commonly find that your anus is extremely sore when you're attempting to go the bathroom, as well as for a long time afterward. You could even find that it's uncomfortable to sit later in the day after you've gone to the bathroom, and you could find yourself shifting onto one side of your backside to alleviate the pressure on your anus.

A Split Appearance Around Your Anus

You might feel a little resistant to check the condition of your anus, but if you've experienced the above clues that you could have a fissure, it can be useful to conduct a physical inspection of the affected area. You can use a handheld mirror to carefully look for any physical clues. Namely, you might see that your anus appears to have a split in it. This split area can often also appear red and inflamed. The presence of this split is another good clue that it's time to schedule an appointment with your family doctor as soon as possible.