Your Wisdom Teeth: Recognizing A Problem And Preparing For The Solution

While having your wisdom teeth pulled is relatively common, there are plenty of reasons why people wait until later in life to go through with it. If you still have your wisdom teeth it's important that you recognize a few common signs that it's time to have them pulled. In addition, when those signs arise, it's important that you know how to prepare yourself and your home for the aftermath of the surgery.

Have You Seen the Signs?

Pay attention for tender areas near your back molars when you brush your teeth each day, as this can be an early sign that your wisdom teeth are beginning to erupt. Be mindful of soreness around your molars as well, or shifting alignments, as this can indicate that your wisdom teeth are impacted. If your jaw muscles are tender or your jaw bone is sore when you chew, this is an indication that your wisdom teeth are near the surface.

Use your tongue to feel around the back side of your molars, paying particular attention to changes in the texture or density of your gums. The same signs you watched for when you lost a tooth as a child are going to present again with your wisdom teeth, so check regularly for changes. When you notice any of the above signs it's time to reach out to an oral surgeon to have your wisdom teeth extracted.

Preparing for Post-Surgical Recovery

Oral surgeons normally use a general anesthetic that can leave you incapacitated for several hours, even after you've regained consciousness. Make sure you're not left alone during this initial period, in case of emergency or complications. Having a friend or family member drive you to and from your appointment will also make it easier to get any prescriptions filled.

Stock your house with foods that are easy to prepare, and avoid anything that might require any measure of force to bite through. Make sure you have a few ice packs on hand too, so that you can keep the swelling and discomfort at bay without taking more of your pain prescription than you should. Avoid sugary drinks until your stitches heal, as sugar can slow the healing process and may cause other problems within the extraction site.

If you've waited until adulthood to have your wisdom teeth removed it can throw your life into a state of upheaval for several days. As long as you give yourself enough time to prepare for and recover from the extraction you should be able to return to work without much trouble. For more information, contact a company like Family Medical Dental Center.