Do You Need To See An Eye Doctor If You Have Never Worn Eyeglasses?

While many people see their primary physicians and dentists every year, if they don't wear eyeglasses they don't think it's important to see an eye doctor. However, there are a lot of reasons that seeing an eye doctor can be smart for your health. Here are some reasons to think about going to have your eyes checked by a professional, even if you have never worn eyeglasses.

You May Now Need Prescription Lenses

Even if you think that you see without any trouble, a trip to the eye doctor may confirm that you could be seeing a lot better with eyeglasses. You might be surprised at how much better you are able to see when the optometrist puts corrective lenses in front of your eyes.

In fact, you may already be having symptoms that you need glasses and not know it. For example, if you have frequent headaches, that could be a sign that you need glasses. If your eyes hurt after being on the computer or watching television, you may think you need a break, but the truth might be that you need glasses.

Optometrists Can Help Common Eye Ailments

Even if you haven't ever worn glasses, you may have minor eye ailments that you experience from time to time. You may not think anything can be done about your dry eyes, for instance, but a trip to the eye doctor can help make your eyes feel better. Particularly, dry eyes can be soothed with prescription eye drops, and the optometrist can examine your medical records to determine if you're taking medication that might be making your eyes dry. They can also figure out if your dry eyes are related to something more serious.

Eye Doctors Can Help Diagnose Diseases

You may not know this, but optometrists can sometimes help you realize that you have a disease or health conditions that you may not associate with your eyes. For instance, your periods of blurry vision could in fact be a sign that you have high blood pressure. An eye doctor can also notice signs of retinopathy and other eye conditions that are often associated with diabetes. Therefore, a trip to an optometrist can help protect your health in ways you never thought of.

Now that you're aware of some reasons that you should see an eye doctor even if you haven't ever worn glasses, consult a few optometrists in your area (or clinics like Blue Ridge Ophthalmology). They will be able to help you make sure that your eyes are just as healthy as the rest of your body.