Treating Loose Teeth From Periodontal Disease

Do you have teeth that are on the verge of falling out? The problem may be due to you suffering from prolonged periodontal disease that has caused your jawbones to become weak. In this article, learn what can be done when teeth are loose from periodontal disease.

How Can Loose Teeth from Periodontal Disease Be Treated?

The first thing that will have to be done is to cure the periodontal disease. When you visit the dental clinic, your mouth will be thoroughly examined to see how severe the disease is and determine the best treatment method. You will likely be placed on antibiotics for a short while. An x-ray will also be administered to officially diagnose the condition of your jawbones. The next step will be getting the loose teeth extracted before they fall out when you least expect it.

When your teeth and gums have been properly treated, you can get the extracted teeth replaced with dental implants. However, replacing the weak jawbones will have to be done before implants can be installed. Repairing weak jawbones is done through a procedure called bone grafting. The dentist will make an incision in your gums where jawbone is needed and remove weak bone. Artificial or healthy bone from other areas of your body will be used to replace the unhealthy jawbones.

You will be ready for dental implants after the bone grafts are in place. However, you may have to heal from the bone graft procedure first. Your healing time will vary based on how much weak jawbone was removed and replaced.

How Will the Dental Implants Be Installed?

The dental implant procedure will begin with the dentist installing metal posts where your bone grafts were placed. He or she can then attach abutments to the metal posts. Abutments extend out of your gums to give implants something to be attached to. When the abutments are all in place, the implants will be attached to them to complete the procedure. You will be sent home with a prescription for antibiotics to head off any infections that may occur.

Keep in mind that you are likely to spend up to an average of $10,000 plus for each implant because they are considered cosmetic. Dental insurance may not cover the implants, but coverage may be available for the bone grafting part of the procedure. Set an appointment so you can get rid of those loose teeth from periodontal disease and get dental implants. Clinics like New Image Cosmetic & Family Dentistry can help.