Preparing Your Child For A Trip To The Dentist

If you have a small child, you may be a bit apprehensive about the thought of taking them to the dentist, especially if they suffer from separation anxiety. Going to the dentist does not have to be a scary experience for your child, and if you take the proper steps in preparing them ahead of time for the visit, they may actually enjoy the experience. Here are some tips you can use to help prepare your child for their trip to the dentist.

Explain The Importance

Start your preparation method by talking about teeth and why it is important to take care of them. Talk about how people visit a dentist to help keep their teeth clean and to help with any problems. You can use children's books about teeth to help get the point across and to add a bit of excitement about the idea of going to the dentist.

Take A Visit

Call the dentist's office where your child will be seen and see if they will allow you to bring your child in for an advance tour of the facility. If they are not agreeable, you will want to find another office that is more accommodating to your concerns. When you take your child for the visit, make sure you have the dentist greet your child so they will feel more familiar with them when they come back for their regular appointment.

Take a quick visit into one of the examination rooms so your child can take a look at the equipment that will be used and they can see the setting they will be in. This will also help your child familiarize themselves with the things they will see on their return trip.

Talk Up The Appointment

After you have taken a trip to the dentist, talk about how exciting it will be for your child to go themselves. If they keep hearing about the fun of going to for a cleaning appointment, they will think of it as a fun event and not something to be scared of. Have other family members ask your child about the appointment so they can talk about what they are going to be doing. This will make your child feel important and give them some more happiness about the idea of going to a dentist.

The Day Of The Appointment

On the day of the cleaning, see if you can be present in the room when your child has the procedure done. Your child will be more at ease if you are readily available and they will not have fear of the unknown if you are there and if they have had an advance trip. Make sure to reward your child for a job well done when the cleaning has been completed! Talk to your child's dentist, such as Russell Pollina, DDS, for more information.