Common Questions About Retina Health Answered

There are few things more important to a person's sense of vision. Yet, the eye is highly complex, and there are many problems that can arise over the course of a lifetime. In particular, the retina is a critical component to the eye that can encounter a range of issues, and if many of these problems are not corrected, they can lead to the permanent loss of vision. Due to the severity of these conditions, it should be no surprise that many people have a couple of routine retinal health questions that they may need answered. 

Can A Detached Retina Be Repaired?

One of the most common problems that individuals can experience is a detached retina. This medical problem can arise from injuries or degenerative diseases. Sadly, once the retina completely detaches, a person will lose all sense of sight. Luckily, there are surgical procedures that can be performed to correct this condition. 

However, you should always seek treatment as soon as possible for this condition. When the retina stays detached for an extended period of time, it can develop scar tissue, and once this tissue has formed, it will be impossible to correct the problem. By scheduling your surgery for as soon as possible, you can avoid permanently losing your ability to see due to this condition. 

Does Diabetes Place A Person At Greater Risk For Retinal Problems?

Some people do not realize that there are many other medical conditions that can increase your chances of developing issues with the retina. In particular, diabetes can drastically increase a person's chances that they will develop problems with the retina. This occurs because diabetes negatively affects blood flow, and this can deprive the retina of the blood needed to stay healthy. As time progress, much of the tissue in the retina may atrophy if the diabetes' symptoms are not properly managed. 

Luckily, it is often possible to help repair this type of damage by prescribing medications that will help improve the health of the circulatory system around the eyes. Yet, this complication should also be treated as quickly as possible. These medications will not cure the problem immediately, and when the condition is particularly severe, it can take many months for this condition to show substantial improvements. 

Keeping your eyes healthy takes more work than many people realize. The are a countless number of threats to your vision, but retinal problems are among the most common and severe. By understanding that it is possible to repair a detached retina and the eye risks associated with diabetes, you may be able to better ensure that you avoid the worst repercussions of these medical conditions. Contact a company like Forest Hills Retina Center for more information.