Choose Your Tennis Shoes Wisely To Protect Your Knees

Although the human body is made up of a number of different systems everything works together. An issue in one area of the body can easily have repercussions in another. This is particularly true when it comes to your feet and knees. As an athlete, how well you protect your feet will determine the condition of your knees. Choosing your tennis shoes wisely can help ensure you keep your knees in good condition.

What's The Harm

Your feet and knees are directly connected. When the ligaments and bones in your feet aren't performing correctly, this puts more pressure on your knees. Poorly fitting shoes is one of the common causes behind poor foot function. When your shoes don't fit correctly they can cause your feet to roll inward, outward or twist when you walk.

This seemingly small movement causes your knees to have to work harder in order to keep your body balanced. Discomfort and limited mobility can occur as a result of this issue. Fortunately, a physical therapist (such as one from Staten Island Physical Therapy PC) can help you work through any discomfort, but ensuring your tennis shoes fit properly is most important.

Try On As A Pair

Whenever you are trying new tennis shoes on, make certain you are trying them on as a pair. Never try on one shoe and assume that the other shoe will fit just as well. It's not uncommon for one foot to be slightly different then the other.

Although a tennis shoe fits perfectly on your right foot and is comfortable, the same doesn't have to be true for your left foot. Try on your tennis shoes as a pair and walk around a few moments to ensure the right fit.

Wait Until The End Of The Day

It's also important to try your shoes on towards the end of the day. This is true for two reasons. First, feet have a tendency to swell throughout the course of the day. Consequently, your feet may be slightly larger at night.

Trying your tennis shoes on later in the day will ensure they fit correctly. Secondly, your feet are likely to be more fatigued towards the end of the day. Trying your shoes on at the end of the day will give you an opportunity to see just how comfortable and soothing the tennis shoes are.

Make certain that you are making an effort to choose your tennis shoes correctly in order to keep your feet comfortable and your knees protected.