Fixing Your Stuffy Nose: What You Should Know

When you suffer from a chronically stuffy nose, you may wonder if there is any cure or solution for you. After all, you have tried all of the standard treatments. From cold medicines to nasal sprays, and everything in between, you have tried. But nothing seems to work. Luckily, there are other potential solutions available to you that can help resolve your chronically stuffy nose once and for all. All you have to do is learn the options available to you to get you breathing free and clear for perhaps the first time in your life. Once you learn these options, make the selection that is best for you and feel that sweet relief. 


Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a standard "nose job" can serve more than just common aesthetic purposes. In fact, a rhinoplasty procedure can correct damage or irregularities that may be blocking or constricting your nasal passages, making your nose feel constantly stuffy. 

By reshaping and reducing the amount of cartilage in the nose, the nasal passages can be opened up and cleared of blockages that have made nasal breathing all but impossible for you in the past. If you have suffered from a broken nose at any point in your life, the damage done may be the cause of your nasal difficulties. 

So, if you have a persistently stuffy nose and standard treatments have not worked, consider altering the internal structure of your nasal passages. This may be just the cure you're looking for. 

Laser Surgery

If you have a consistently stuffy nose, the culprit may in fact be the turbinates inside your nose. Turbinates are essentially a filtration system that helps to keep debris and allergens from entering the body. They also help to warm the air as it enters your bronchial tubes and the lungs.

Normally, these turbinates will swell and shrink as necessary to protect the body and filter as designed to do. However, in some people, these turbinates swell and remain swollen due to an allergy or another unknown cause. 

When this happens, you can feel like your nose is always stuffed, and no medicines or infection treatments will help resolve the issue because it is a structural problem. Laser surgery can help by using the light energy of the laser to lance off turbinate tissue, unblocking your nasal passages. The use of laser rather than standard incisions speeds recovery time and limits the chance of post-operative complications and infections as well. 

If you have a perpetually stuffy nose that seems to never clear up with standard treatments such as medications for allergies or colds, you may want to contact an ear, nose, and throat specialist to determine if surgical interventions could be of use to you. The sooner you find the cause of your stuffy nose, the sooner you can resolve the problem. Talk to your local nose professional, such as Eastern Carolina Ear Nose & Throat-Head, for more information.