Looking For Relief From Eczema? Try These Natural Ingredients

Eczema is a common medical condition which causes patches of the skin to become irritated, inflamed, and rough. It can occur all over the body, but is commonly found on the hands, arms, scalp, legs, neck, and face. Although there is no known cure for eczema at this time, there are plenty of natural ingredients to help alleviate its symptoms.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very well known and effective way to relieve the itchiness and dryness that accompanies eczema. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe and reduce itchiness, while the abundant polysaccharides that are found within it work to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. Its antimicrobial properties work to kill any microorganisms found around the skin that may further irritate the eczema, as well as any germs and bacteria that may come into contact with the affected area due to scratching. In its pure form, Aloe Vera has a very low risk of having adverse side effects, but when used as an ingredient in most commercial products it is less efficient and may cause the skin to become more irritated and dry. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another beneficial ingredient for treating eczema. Its anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties work to reduce itching, pain, and inflammation. It is also an antioxidant and rich in Vitamin E which means that it provides nourishment, moisture, and protection for the skin, helping to speed up the healing process. 


Using colloidal oatmeal in a warm bath can help to keep your skin moisturized and reduce itchiness due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also an antioxidant which makes it effective in protecting the skin and making the healing time quicker. 

Essential Oils

Many essential oils can be used within mixtures to treat eczema. Some of the most effective oils are: Lavender, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Roman and German Chamomile, Geranium, Tea Tree, Frankincense, and Rosehip.

Calamine Lotion

A common drug cabinet staple, calamine lotion is known to be used for treating a variety of illnesses that cause itching. It also is effective in protecting and soothing the skin. 

General Advice

Some basic lifestyle changes can lessen some of the discomforts that come with living with eczema. 

  • Stay Moisturized: Keeping your skin moisturized will help with itching and prevent further damage to your skin.
  • Avoid Scratching: Scratching the affected area will only cause more damage to the skin and interfere with the healing process. 
  • Beware of Harsh Products: Products that are heavy in dyes and perfume can aggravate the condition and even cause the skin to become drier.
  • Stay Hydrated: Dehydration will make healing time longer and may interfere with the use of external moisturizers. 

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